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  2. The Best SIM-Only Deals for October 12222: Compare EE, O2, Vodafone, and More
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Either way, then you're in the right place for the best SIM Only deals. Over the past few years, SIM contracts have seen something of a resurgence. These SIM Only deals allow you to move networks easily and give you great value for money; they're available either on a month, or even rolling monthly plans. These SIM-only arrangements are also ideal if your contract is up and you want to save money by not upgrading to a new phone.

On this page we'll bring you the best SIM only deals selected from EE, Three, Vodafone, O2, Giffgaff and more, all saving you the time and effort of hunting around for these very offers. It's a huge amount of data that'll cater for all your mobile streaming, surfing and downloading needs months.

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It runs off the O2 network, and the deal offers a decent data allowance. All goodybags offer 4G connection. To navigate at speeds of 4G, you must have a mobile phone adapted to this type of connection. Can I use giffgaff goodybag plans on my 3G phone?

Giffgaff SIM Only from just £5 a month | WhatSIM

Of course, you can, you don't need the latest mobile phone to enjoy your giffgaff SIM card. Unfortunately, with a 3G connection phone, you will not be able to get the advantage of 4G connection, but the rest of services will work correctly. What happens if I spend all the navigation data or calls from my goodybag plan? If you spend the data to browse the internet or your minutes on calls in less than 30 days, do not worry, you can buy a new goodybag plan and start using it.

The Best SIM-Only Deals for October 12222: Compare EE, O2, Vodafone, and More

Keep in mind that when you use a new goodybag plan within the 30 days of your previous goodybab, you will lose the remaining minutes on calls, data or text that you might have on your previous plan. From to you can surf again at 4G speed, which will allow you to surf the internet until your month is up. What do I have to do when my goodybag expires? If you have set up the auto top-up payment method in your giffgaff profile, your new goodybag plan will be activated when your current goodybag ends after 30 days of use. If you have not set up the automatic payment method, then you will have to pay another goodybag plan manually from your giffgaff profile.

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  5. We recommend you set up the payment method automatically so you do not have to worry about running out of service and having to make a payment manually each time you need it. Is it possible to share my data tethering with another device? Why choose giffgaff? Surf at high speed with our 4G connection. If your mobile isn't from the latest generation, you'll be able to navigate quickly with 3G and 2G connections.

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    Your prepaid plans are called "Goodybags" and last for 30 days. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing the monthly plan goodybag that suits you best, based on how you're going to use it, or simply top up your balance and use it to make calls, SMS or browsing the Internet. It's a pay as you go SIM card, without contracts, permanence, or maintenance costs. Giffgaff runs on the O2 network coverage one of the largest in the United Kingdom , providing the best coverage both indoors and outdoors, to call and surf the Internet.

    You can activate your giffgaff SIM abroad, with a foreign address and your bank card. Play Video. Why SIM only vs. A SIM-only is suitable for users who: Already own a handset.

    - Our guide to the best SIM-only deals around

    Users who want to get a SIM only service must have their phone unlocked first, or they may switch to a SIM only deal that is offered by an existing phone service provider. Do not want to be tied to a long-term agreement. A SIM only contract is available for 30 days, although there are longer contracts that can range between 3 to 12 months. All prices are in pence. Want to be sure you're getting the best deal if you go over your allowance?

    Compare "Out of bundle" charges across all networks. Skip to main content.

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    6. SIM Cards on giffgaff. Coverage Checker. Jump straight to comparing Giffgaff SIM deals. Unlimited texts. Deal Details We can deal with that later. Contract - Any - Less than 12 12 months 18 months 24 months.

      Talk FREE on Your Mobile! Great SIM Only Deals from giffgaff (UK only)

      Plan Type - Any - Phone Broadband. Free calls to and numbers Free to same network calls and texts Free minute for every minute you are called.

      Free calls to and numbers Free to same network calls and texts. Not sure?